Boiler Warranties

You’re not just a number, you’re No. 1

Warranties for parts and labour

We pride ourselves on being there every step of the way. Whether you want us to hold your hand right from the start, or you just need to know we’re there if you do need us, that’s what stands us apart. You’re not just a number. We won’t just install your boiler and then you’ll never hear from us again.

How to retain your warranty

To keep your warranty valid it’s highly recommended, and in some cases contractually necassary, to get your boiler serviced annually. This helps keep your boiler running smoothly and any potential issues will be picked up before they turn into bigger problems in the future.

Free up to 10-year warranty

We work with the top boiler manufacturers to provide the best possible products and services. That’s why we can offer an up to 10-year full, free and manufacturer-backed warranty with every new boiler. We’ll also register your boiler with the manufacturer for you.

This covers you for all labour, call-outs and parts and our dedicated customer services team are here to support you. Just one call to us and we’ll make sure your boiler is up and running again as quickly as possible.

We hope you won’t have any problems but if you do give us a call and we’ll do the legwork for you.

Boiler manufacturer warranties

Different boiler brands have a variety of choices when it comes to boiler warranties.

So, to make it easy to understand here’s a breakdown of what boiler brand comes with what warranty:

Boiler BrandWarranty
Worcester Bosch10-year warranty
Vaillant10-year warranty
Ideal2-5 year warranty (depending on boiler choice)
Baxi5-10 year warranty {depending on boiler choice)
Viessmann10 year warranty
Boiler Dude

How to get the best deal for your boiler

When it comes to searching for a new boiler, you need to do your research! Getting the best deal requires you to shop around for unique selling points, such as flexible prices, high boiler warranties and options to pay with a finance plan. Here at Boiler Plan, every new boiler comes with an up to 10 years free warranty and we aim to have your new boiler installed within 48 hours – with various payment plans available you can choose to purchase your new boiler interest-free spread over 2 years.

Whatever the boiler package, make sure you shop around and do your research – we’ll always be here once you make up your mind.

Get boiler cover to protect your home

When you get a new system installed, a warranty is a great thing to have, but for those of you who want more protection for your system, you can always get a cover plan that will protect your central heating.

Choose one of our all-inclusive care plans and we guarantee you’ll never have to sit in the cold again. Protect your central heating against any unforeseen and expensive repairs.

Aftercare with Boiler Plan

Our commitment to quality doesn’t end with our boiler. We believe that the service and support we offer our customers is just as important as the products we offer.

We do things differently around here. That’s because you’re our number 1 priority. It all starts with delivering brilliant customer service from the very start. And we don’t just install your boiler and then you never hear from us again. Nope – we’re here 24/7 and we’ll always check in at regular intervals to make sure you’re happy.