1. All the terms of the contract between the Customer and the Company are contained in the document and written specifications (if any) provided to the Customer. No variation of the terms shall bind either party unless such variation is made in writing and signed by the party to be bound.

2. The Company, having discussed with the Customer the requirements for the installation of the heating products as listed on the quote form, may need to carry out a survey to take detailed measurements and/or specifications and any Contract is subject to the surveyor’s report and findings. The Company reserves the right to decline the work detailed on the Contract should its surveyor(s) think fit to do so. Should this action become necessary, the liability of the Company in these circumstances is limited to the refund of any deposit paid by the Customer and these sums will be returned immediately.

3. Any changes in materials and/or specification from those detailed in the schedule on the sales order form will only apply when supported by the Company’s amendment forms which must be signed by both parties – i.e., “the Company” and “the Customer”.

4. Delivery/installation timescales are approximate and shall be deemed to commence with effect from settlement of all details of the order and receipt of payment of any deposit where applicable and are made subject to fires, strikes or lockouts and any other cause beyond the control of the Company interfering with its execution or completion of the Contract. Time shall not be deemed to be the essence of the Contract.

5. We will carry out the work during normal working hours Monday to Friday but may on occasion need to use a reasonable amount of overtime to achieve completion. It is a condition of this contract that your approval to such overtime is granted although we will endeavour to minimise any disruption or inconvenience. Should any overtime or unsocial working hours be specifically requested by you, other than any special arrangement charged for and agreed on the sales order form, it may be necessary for us to add extra costs, and these will be explained at that time and prior to the overtime or unsocial working hours commencing. We will need access to the relative property at all reasonable times whilst the work is being executed and would expect free use of water, electricity and gas to enable us to complete the work in accordance with this Contract.

6. Due to the Company’s policy of continuous improvement, the Customer shall have the benefit of any modification the Company may make to its products and procedures albeit these changes may be made without prior notice to the Customer. All illustrations within the Company’s literature and that of its suppliers are subsequently intended as a guide only.

7. Any concession, latitude or waiver allowed by the Company at any time shall be without prejudice to their strict and full rights under this Contract and shall not prevent the Company subsequently exercising such rights.

8. Payment of the Contract balance is due immediately upon completion of the work to your reasonable satisfaction. When payments have been made to the Company’s agents or representatives, the Customer must retain a copy of the Contract or Invoice with the payment indicated and receipted by the person to whom the payment is handed. Cheques must be made payable in favour of the Company only. If remedial work is necessary, the Customer may hold a maximum of 10% of the value of the invoice until such work is carried out… Romalpa Clause – All goods supplied remain property of the Company even though installed, by way of a lien until fully paid for and the Company reserves the right of re-entry to remove any such goods whether fixed or otherwise, which remain unpaid for. The guarantee shall be null and void if payments are not made on the due dates and the above conditions not adhered to.

9. If the Customer has entered into a Credit Agreement via the Company’s nominated finance providers, the terms of their agreement will apply as part of this Contract. If the Credit Agreement is later cancelled, then subject to the terms of the 1974 Consumer Credit Act, the contact balance will become immediately payable. This does not affect your statutory rights.

10. In the event of suspension or cancellation of the work at the request of the Customer, or lack of instructions or delay on site caused by matters beyond the control of the Company, any extra expenses thereby incurred losses suffered shall be chargeable to the Customer along with reasonable addition for administration and overhead costs. This condition shall not be construed as to affect any statutory or common law rights of the Customer.

11. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that any licence, permit or other authority necessary for the execution of the work is obtained and that existing property boundaries are correctly defined.

12. Whilst every care will be taken by the Company it accepts no liability for any damage to plasterwork, decorations, flooring, etc. which may be consequent upon the carrying out of the work detailed unless specifically provided for in the schedule(s) on the sales order form. Cuts or holes made to allow for equipment will be made good but not permanently finished or re-decorated. Floorboards will be reinstated or replaced where necessary but special and/or laminated floors cannot be permanently re-fixed. Any carpets which have to be lifted will be re-laid to the best of our engineer’s ability, however, we cannot be held responsible for carpets which have been nailed or glued down. It should be anticipated that an amount of re-decoration may be required, and this will be the Customer’s responsibility and is not included in the price. Similarly, the Company accepts no responsibility for damage which is attributable to structural defect or weakness unless such damage results from negligence on the part of the Company, it’s servants, workmen or assigns.

Installation Warranty for Boiler Plan

1. All new central heating systems/upgrades carry a comprehensive 2-year parts and labour installation warranty from the date of installation. No guarantee can be given however on the integrity or suitability of any existing components being connected to and the Company cannot be held responsible for the failure of any such components or defects existing within any part of the original system i.e. radiators, pipework, showers, taps etc. Where products are connected to existing hot & cold-water pipes, tanks, or cisterns, the installation is based on the assumption that the existing plumbing system is in satisfactory condition. Unless otherwise stated in the Contract, the guarantee does not cover drains or defects due to fair wear and tear, the replacement of lamps/ bulbs and fuses or any causes beyond the Company’s control. If any repairs, alterations or additions to the equipment, installation and/or apparatus are carried out by a person who has not been authorised by Boiler Plan, the guarantee may be rendered null & void.

2. As it is necessary that all pipes are accessible, we will not normally bury them in solid floors or walls and pipes will be exposed in these situations. Boxing in of pipework is not included unless specifically detailed overleaf.

3. Where combination boilers are supplied, hot water flow rates will be reduced if more than one tap or outlet is used simultaneously. This is not a fault and is a characteristic of most combination boilers.

4. The manufacturer backed warranty covers the customer for the warranty period against boiler faults only (example boiler or boiler component faults) and excludes any faults to the rest of your heating system or pipework, these typically include problems caused by sludge, leaks on the existing system or pressure drops or any electrical issues.

5. To keep your manufacturer backed boiler warranty valid you must have your boiler serviced annually by Boiler Plan UK or an approved partner.

6. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure a suitable gas supply and meter is available to the relative property. Where this is not the case the Customer will need to organise a supply via Transco or any other suitable pipeline provider. A gas meter will also be required, which will need to be arranged separately with a gas supplier. Any costs incurred for the same are to be borne by the Customer and are in no way part of this Contract unless specifically included within the contract.

7. The price we quote does not include the cost of removing any dangerous waste materials, such as asbestos, that we could not reasonably identify when we gave you your quote. You can call a specialist contractor to remove these dangerous materials, or we may be able to arrange for them to be removed at an extra cost. When asbestos is removed, you will need to produce a ‘site clearance for reoccupation’ certificate, which you can get from the asbestos removal company, before we can continue to work at your property.

8. The price we quote includes removing all non-dangerous materials, including your old boiler and central heating parts we replace.

9. The Contract price quoted is subject to any changes in Value Added Tax.


As part of our responsibility at Boiler Plan as Gas Safe Registered engineers, we are required to connect any new gas appliance to a gas supply that is safe and sound. Consequently, we will need to carry out a gas soundness test on the first day of installation of any new boiler or heating system. Should there be any leak or defect within the existing gas pipework we would have no alternative but to condemn the supply, or take steps to make the supply safe as necessary or re-pipe the supply prior to the installation work being carried out. Although a fairly rare occurrence, any such work is totally unforeseen and may have to be charged as an extra amount to that stated on the contract.

The cold-water flow rate shown on the contract is measured using a flow measuring device in litres per minute at the time of the initial visit by our sales Surveyor. Flow rates can fluctuate depending on the age and condition of the water supply and the time of day the reading is taken.

Where brickwork, stonework or other masonry has to be made good. e.g., original flue position from the old boiler, we are unable to provide a match for the existing materials due to restrictions on availability and effects of weathering over the years. Wherever possible we will endeavour to provide a similar finish. Should a customer wish to provide his/her own materials for matching purposes, we will make an allowance in the calculations of the price agreed.

Refer a friend scheme


  1. This ‘Refer a Friend Scheme’ is available to existing Boiler Plan customers who have completed a boiler installation with us. These customers are eligible for referral of a new customer incorporated in the United Kingdom who also proceeds to complete a full boiler installation with Boiler Plan. This is subject to criteria, exclusions and limitations below. Each successful referral in accordance with these terms shall be entitled to one £75 Amazon voucher (the ‘Voucher’) and the newly referred customer shall be eligible for one £75 Amazon voucher.
  2. Referrals are not limited for each existing Boiler Plan customer (also described herein as the ‘referrer’). Each new referred customer may only be referred by one existing Boiler Plan customer.
  3. If the referrer is an employee, owner of the business or tenant of a landlord being referred, then the referred must have a separate bank account and be registered with us as a separate business.
  4. Referred customers who choose to utilise Boiler Plan for a boiler survey are excluded and no Voucher will be provided for both the customer and referrer.
  5. The referred customer must be an entity that has not had facilitation with Boiler Plan in the last 12 months.
  6. Boiler Plan’s standard account opening procedures will apply, and the referred customer will need to be accepted as a new customer of Boiler Plan (which shall be at Boiler Plan’s sole discretion). Terms and Conditions apply to all Boiler Plan services.
  7. A successful referral is defined as existing and referral customer have bought a boiler from Boiler Plan and either a direct debit payment is in place, or they’ve fully paid the cash price of the boiler.
  8. If you pass the contact details of the referral to Boiler Plan, you are confirming that you have the referral customer’s permission to do so. You thereby consent to Boiler Plan using your name and contact details to verify you as the referrer of the referred customer and in any communications that we may have with the referred customer to pass these details to a third party who may issue the Voucher to you.
  9. Provided that the Terms and Conditions have been complied with, Boiler Plan will contact you directly by email or phone to arrange for the Voucher to be sent to you. We will endeavour to send this within 30 working days of being satisfied that the criteria for a successful referral have been met. The Voucher will be sent to the email address provided in your application form but will only be used in the name of the contact owner.
  10. No cash alternative is available. This referral offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer.
  11. The issue of the Vouchers is conditional on the referral customer retaining Boiler Plan services at the time of issue. If Boiler Plan is required to terminate services or does not accept the referral customer’s application, no Vouchers will be issued.
  12. The Vouchers are subject to the terms and conditions of the issuer. They must be read carefully.
  13. Boiler Plan reserves the right to amend, suspend or withdraw the ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme at any time for any reason. The offer is non-transferable and may be revoked at any time for any reason. The rules to the ‘Refer a Friend Scheme’ may be changed without notice and at the sole discretion of Boiler Plan.
  14. Boiler Plan accepts no responsibility for the operation of this scheme and does not accept any form of liability in the event that the Vouchers become valueless or unusable.
  15. Boiler Plan reserves the right to refuse a claim for a Voucher if it has reasonable grounds to believe that there has been a breach of these Terms and Conditions, a misuse of our intellectual property rights including Boiler Plan trademarks and/or materials, any misrepresentation; abuse of the Refer a Friend promotion; or any illegal or criminal activity including fraud in connection with this offer.
  16. These terms shall be governed and interpreted within the laws of England and Wales.

Notice of Right to Cancel

You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving any reason; this cancellation period will expire 14 days after the date on which we have delivered the goods which are the subject of this contract to your home.

To exercise this right, you must make/send a clear statement to us within this 14-day period that you wish to cancel – to meet this deadline it is sufficient for you to make/send your statement of cancellation within this 14-day period. You may use the form below to exercise your right to cancel but the use of that form is not obligatory; we may refer to this period as a “cooling off” period.

Even if you do not wish to use this cancellation form, please ensure that any statements of cancellation are made/sent by you using our contact details as set out on that form.

Provision of Goods and Services During the Cancellation Period

If you have requested in writing (or by any other durable medium) that we commence the provision of services at your home before the expiry of this 14 day cancellation period then you will still have the option to cancel, however, in those circumstances you will be required to pay a proportionate amount of the price payable to us under this contract for the work which we have undertaken before your cancellation and for any goods which we have already installed.

You will lose this right to cancel should we complete the provision of all services within this 14-day period or if and to the extent that you have requested that we perform services within this 14-day period in order to carry out urgent maintenance or repairs at your home.

Effect of Cancellation

If you cancel this contract in accordance with your rights above, then we will collect at our own expense any goods which we have already delivered to your home and reimburse you without delay for any payments which you have already made to us under this contract. However, we may deduct from this reimbursement: (i) a reasonable amount for any loss or damage caused to the goods whilst at your home provided that such loss or damage was not caused by us or as a result of you carrying out a reasonable inspection of those goods to confirm they were as ordered; and/or (ii) any payment which we may be entitled to as referred to above for services performed at your request during the 14 day cancellation period. If you have not yet made any payment to us prior to your cancellation, then we will have a right to recover payment of either of these amounts from you.

Customer Complaints Procedure

At Boiler Plan we strive to provide excellent products and services to all our customers. However, we understand we may not always get things right the first time around. Should this happen, we would want to know about it so we can a) resolve any issues and b) improve our systems & procedures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Our Customer Complaints Procedure has the following goals:

  • To deal with complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively.
  • To ensure that all complaints are handled in a consistent manner throughout.
  • To increase customer satisfaction.
  • To use complaints constructively to improve our systems, procedures, staff training and customer experience across all our services.

Customer complaints – how to contact us

Our customer services team would like to sort out any complaint as soon as possible. Please contact us with your name, address, telephone number and details of your complaint via one of the below methods:

Please telephone us on 03300021171

Or email us at: hello@boilerplanuk.com – please add in your email subject line ‘FAO the complaints department’

Or write to us at:

Gas Call Services T/A Boiler Plan
Customer Services Department
Unit 10 Easter Park,

Baker Rd, Cramlington,

Northumberland, NE23 1WQ

Customer complaints – What happens next?

We’ll always try to resolve your complaint as soon as possible and you will be acknowledged within 72 hours, regardless of contact method.

You may be contacted to either resolve your complaint or to make sure that we’ve understood your complaint properly.

If we need to investigate your complaint further, you will receive an update or resolution within 14 days after we first acknowledged your complaint.

Most complaints are resolved within 14 days, however more complicated complaints may take longer to fully investigate and resolve. We aim to complete these complaints as quickly as possible, but your complaint could take up to 6 weeks from the date, we first acknowledged your complaint.

Customer complaints – Further information

Our customer services phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. Calls may be recorded for training purposes.

Boiler Plan UK Ltd is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN: 692584. We are a Credit Broker and not a Lender. We offer Credit Facilities from A Panel of Lenders.

Company Number 9148015. Registered in England and Wales.

Should you wish to make a complaint of a financial nature, please click the following link: https://www.hiber.com/complaints

Boiler Plan Guarantee

The Guarantee

Boiler repaired within 48 hours of call-out or we’ll replace it


  • The Boiler Plan Guarantee only applies to Ideal and Worcester Bosch boilers installed by Boiler Plan from 28/02/2020.
  • If your boiler is still in its warranty period (usually 2, 5 or 10 years) Boiler Plan will ensure your boiler is repaired within 48 hours from first attending your property on the provision that any parts required are readily available. Our engineers will carry typical spare parts and usually parts can be sourced the same day or next day however in the unlikely event that parts need to be ordered, we will continue with the repair as soon as the parts are available.
  • If we cannot repair your boiler, then we will replace your boiler at no charge with the same boiler or equivalent if not available.
  • This guarantee does not affect your manufacturer backed warranty and to keep your warranty valid you must have your boiler serviced annually.
  • To keep your ‘Boiler Plan Fixed or Replace within 48 hours Guarantee’ valid you must have your boiler serviced annually by Boiler Plan.
  • The guaranteed repair promise applies to boiler faults only (example boiler or boiler component faults) and excludes any faults to the rest of your heating system or pipework, these typically include problems caused by sludge, leaks on the existing system or pressure drops or any electrical issues.
  • This guarantee is non-transferable.
  • Our sales terms and conditions still apply.
  • If cannot be held responsible of any events outside of our control that would prevent us from attending your property or being able to complete the repair, for example: extreme weather conditions or parts not being readily available.
  • If your boiler had fallen outside of its warranty period, then Boiler Plan can offer a repair service which may be chargeable and incur a call-out charge. Any repairs or parts will be quoted ahead of any works being completed.

48-hour installation

Installation within 48 hours is subject to engineer availability at the point of purchase confirmation. We’ll always prioritise any installs for those who don’t have any heating or hot water.

Online boiler purchase

If you’re choosing to pay for your new boiler installation in full online instead of opting for a payment plan, we’ll need to take a deposit of £100 to secure your installation date. When your installation is confirmed you’ll be asked to pay off 50% of the total price, you’ll pay the remaining amount the day after installation is complete.