Boiler Plan UK works with a number of contractors and partners across a range of products, services and sectors. Strong relationships with our contractors and partners, as well as our customers, are the cornerstone to the success of our business.

Boiler Plan UK’s works with a range of small and medium sized enterprises throughout England, Scotland and Wales, including working with micro businesses and sole traders. Boiler Plan’s operations are based in England, Scotland and Wales; however, we recognise that risk is not restricted to our operational bases and that the supply chain can extend globally.

Policies and Procedures

Boiler Plan UK has a range of policies and procedures setting high ethical standards for the employment of personnel and the assessment of the contracting supply chain. Assessments are carried out during on-boarding and throughout the contractual relationship, assisting in identifying Modern Slavery. They include the following:

  • Supplier Management Procedure
  • Whistle Blowing Policy
  • Human Rights Policy

Boiler Plan UK will assess the requirements applicable for the firm under the Act for each financial year, providing assurances to its partners and supply chain.

This statement should be considered in conjunction with the below:

Supplier Management Procedure
Human Rights Policy
Whistle Blowing Policy within Staff Handbook
Whistle Blowing terms within Health and Safety Policy