When should you replace your boiler?

The heartbeat of a home is your boiler, and a cosy household is something that we can all take for granted. So, if your boiler has been on the blink or you’ve been thinking about upgrading to a more energy-efficient system, we’ve listed the many reasons why you should definitely replace your inefficient or old system, read more about a boiler replacement

How much does it cost to replace a boiler?

There are various factors that influence the cost of a brand-new boiler. The size of your home, the type of system you need, or which brand you’d prefer. All have costs associated with them and our new boiler cost guide will help alleviate the confusion.

At Boiler Plan, we offer our customers a range of boiler finance options to suit their timescales & budgets. Our packages come with an up to 10-year warranty, which covers you for all repairs, labour, callouts and parts; plus, all our local experts are trained to work across multiple heating brands.

Can I get my boiler replaced for free?

We do offer ECO grants for eligible households. This will make the boiler installation free or heavily discounted, as long as you qualify for the schemes.

For everyone else, we do offer payment plans that will help make the price of a new boiler more affordable.

Do you have frequent boiler breakdowns?

If you’re having to call out an engineer more than once a month to 3 times a year. It’s worth considering whether the sum of the repairs is greater than the cost of a new boiler – most of the time it will be.

You can help keep your boiler healthy by getting it serviced annually, this will help keep it running smoothly – and if any repairs are necessary, they should only be minimal.

A boiler should only be replaced if it’s always on the blink and costing you too much.

Size matters?

If your current boiler no longer meets the needs of your home. As an example, you may have just extended your property from a 2-bedroom home to a 4-bed, and you didn’t realise your little combi boiler couldn’t keep up with the amount of extra work.

So, rather than try to manage with a boiler that clearly isn’t fit for purpose, it’s much better to install a new boiler that’s perfect for you and your new home.

Who should replace your boiler?

When it comes to choosing the ‘best type’ of boiler for your home it all depends on various factors such as house size, number of bathrooms and water pressure – there isn’t a ‘perfect’ boiler for 100% of people so we’ll explain the most popular boiler types in the UK and a little about them.

How long does it take to replace a boiler?

This depends on what work you’re having done when installing your new boiler. For the quickest installation possible, when you purchase a boiler swap online we aim to have it installed within 48 hoursˆ.

Here’s our full guide on how long it takes to fit a new boiler.

Do I need to replace the radiators with a new boiler?

No, you don’t have to replace any radiator when you purchase a new boiler.

If your radiators are older or you just want to upgrade them then we can absolutely replace as many radiators as you like, just let our surveyor know during your home or video survey, but this is completely up to you.

However, if you find that your radiators need bleeding often or are not warm, you may need to consider a power flush or replacement.

Are new boilers going to help me save money?

You could be paying a lot more on gas bills with an older boiler as they’re far less environmentally friendly than a new A+ energy efficient boiler. Manufacturers are always looking at ways to improve boiler technology to become more energy efficienct – which helps the environment and you save money on energy bills. Win-win.

If your current boiler has a low efficiency rating, it’s definitely time to think about replacing your boiler.

Selling or renting a property

When selling or renting your home, an old or inefficient boiler is likely to be picked up on a survey by any prospective buyers. It’s much better to replace your boiler before you sell the house and cover installation costs within the house price.

The same applies to renting, as you are more likely to attract tenants with a reliable and up to date boiler and central heating system. Just remember no one wants an angry tenant complaining about cold showers and a broken boiler.

My boiler smells?

If you can smell an eggy odour when you use your boiler, it’s likely a gas leak. You must immediately turn off your boiler and call the emergency gas line on 0800 111 999. You should do this if you ever smell any unusual odours coming from your boiler.

If your boiler is leaking at all, there is likely an issue with an internal component and if the problem isn’t fixed, it will lead to further damage – which will cost a lot more money than just a simple boiler install.

In both situations, we’d recommend turning your boiler off and have it professionally checked by a Gas Safe engineer. Hopefully, it’ll be possible for them to repair the boiler to a working condition without having to install a brand-new boiler.

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